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How to order a portrait?

I burn portraits in two sizes:

Small (A4, 20 x 30 cm) for 45 € 
Large (A3, 30 x 40 cm) for 60 €

The above prices make the total cost of order including: a burnt portrait, a frame and shipping costs.

How to order
1. See my exemplary works in the portraits gallery to make sure that you’d be satisfied with the workmanship quality for a suggested price. If you would, go to the point 2
2. Choose the size of a portrait (small or large) and send a photo which will be the base for making a portrait to
Please, keep in mind that a photo needs to be clear (of a good quality). Blurred or underexposed photos may make it very difficult catch the resemblance of a person who you want to be portrayed.
3. Please, be patient. Burning a portrait is very time-consuming, and since I always do my best so that each portrait may have the finest quality, burning takes me about 3-5 days, depending on a size.
4. As soon as a portrait is ready I will send you an e-mail message attaching its photo so that you may decide if you find it acceptable. The payment is supposed to be carried out via international transfer (Currently I am not using PayPal). I believe in mutual honesty, therefore I don’t require any advance payments.
5. I send ordered items via priority mail, so that the real time between ordering a portrait and receiving it is about 2-3 weeks (provided I am currently not working on another one). Therefore, I recommend ordering items in advance.
Please, keep in mind that:
1. There can be maximum 2 people in the portrait. I don’t burn group portraits (parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, groups of friends etc).
2. If you need a burnt picture at once, see the current offer of the pictures available straight away.

English version by Anna Suwaj